How to Maintain your Clip-in Hair Extensions

This can be applied to your clip-ins or if you use a weave hair extensions and I-Tips. I’ve been wearing hair extensions for probably the past eight years of my life. I thought I would share with you some of my tricks and tips to take care of them and keep them looking good.

How to Maintain your Clip-in Hair Extensions
Brush them Hair Extensions

The first thing I would suggest is always to brush out your extensions before you wear then after you wear them. At the end of the night, brush them out, and before you put them in brush them out. Brush, brush, brush! There’s this tangling brush by mane n tail which I really like, and I really highly suggest you invest in it, especially if you are wearing some fake hair.


A good idea is to shampoo those hair extensions, but only do it once a week so you can avoid shedding, or any other stuff. No matter what kind of hair extensions or braids you have, they will shed. I like to use the mane n tail, these are my people, the shampoo and conditioner I use it always theirs. I love this stuff so much. I think it just makes it feel really soft and it gets the same texture as your natural hair as to your extensions.

How to Maintain your Clip-in Hair Extensions
Secret Leave-In to Settle Hair Extensions

After this use the mane n tail and Daily Secret Leave-In which will settle the hair extensions. I know it may seem that I’m a mane n tail nerd which I kind of am, but this is the only product I use when styling my hair. I don’t even put any heat protector. I put this Daily Secret in when it’s damp and it’s just wonderful. It’s easy to brush through. It’s kind of nice when you are creating your extensions, like I said if you are cleaning them and when they’re out of your head or when they’re in your head, depending on how you have them attached.

After use, I highly suggest hanging up your hair especially with your clip-ins, that way you avoid de-tangling. If you don’t have normal hangers, you can lay them flat on a towel and cover them, just for extra safe-keeping.

There we go, that’s how I look after my clip in hair extensions and I suggest you do the same. Hair can be expensive so make sure you look after them well. Until next time ladies:P