How to look younger with makeup

We try our best to look beautiful in every way we can. And the truth is to look beautiful, you need to young for sure. However, it is not in our hands to fight the aging sign, but we surely can take care of ourselves to delay the aging process. Once you have darkening spot, wrinkles around your eyes and face, there’s truly nothing you can do about them. So, the best way to still hold that youthful look of you is to use makeup correctly and the change is quite unbelievable. With some basic tricks and correct application of makeup products, you can bring a huge change in your whole look. Here are some of the tricks of makeup to look more youthful.

  • Applying concealer correctly: You must be aware of the use of concealer for hiding dark spots, wrinkles and blemishes of the face. However, most of the women do not use it correctly for their under their eyebrows that looks quite brown once age affects you and hiding this color with pinkish or bright color of concealer will affect your face and great to make you look younger. Try using concealer in upper direction of your eyebrows as it can make you look old by drawing the lines
  • Concentrate on your Eyes and eyelashes: Your eyes are the window of your mind, you need to keep them more youthful to express the inner beauty. Eyelashes can be that one major trick. Use curler to curl your eyelashes so they look more define and young. You can use fake eyelashes, but that almost always make you look fake, so to keep it more natural (I mean younger!), try to give them a volume by using mascara and eyelash curler.


  • Use foundation and blush perfectly: Try to imagine how an old woman with improper makeup look like. With a lot of powder, a fake over-brightness and deep colors in faces that actually make them more horrible. Try to keep it simple, such as using a foundation that matches your skin tone and use a light pinkish blush to bring a glow. It is highly recommended to use the creamy products to avoid dry look.
  • Proper use of highlighter: Highlighter is used to glow the face where light reflection is maximum and this one fact can work for you as well. Use the highlighter properly to look younger.


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