Understand more about Cream For Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is one of the common diseases in women which is caused by too many bacteria that imbalance the beneficial bacteria in the vagina. It is not sexually transmitted disease (STD) but can cause the expose to a sexually transmitted infection or be harmful to your immune system. This kind of infection leads to some persistent symptoms, vaginal odor, often with a fishy smell.

Sometimes bacterial vaginosis disappears without treatment, but the treatment with antibiotics in the early stages of the disease is going to help you prevent getting a serious infection afterward or chronic inflammation. Metronidazole and clindamycin in cream are commonly used to deal with this condition.

Treatment of choice to cure bacterial vaginosis:

Metronidazole 0,75% cream, one full applicator 5g intravaginally twice daily for 5 -7 days.

•It works by killing the problem bacteria causing bacterial vaginosis symptoms

•Do not use metronidazole to pregnant women before the 4th month of pregnancy.

•Side effects: redness, dryness, burning, itching, or tingling sensation. Contact the doctor immediately if you have any of the following symptoms: abdominal pain, fever, foul-smelling vaginal discharge.

•Drug interactions: Anticoagulants (ex: warfarin) may enhance the risk of side effects when combining with metronidazole.

•Do not drink while using the vaginal cream. Alcohol can cause abdominal pain, vomiting, abdominal pain, headache, sweating, blushing.

•In case of allergy or intolerance to any ingredient in metronidazole, clindamycin cream is preferred.

Clindamycin (Dalacin) cream is another choice for destroying the vaginal bacteria by inserting into the vagina.

•Clindamycin 2% vaginal cream, one applicatorful (5g) at bedtime for 3-7 days.

•The most common adverse effect is itching or irritation.

•Up to now, there is no evidence show that this medicine hazard to the fetus, but it is recommended not to use it for pregnant. Some doctors only use oral medication instead of vaginal administration.

What to do before using vaginal cream?

•Have a clear diagnosis of the doctors about your disease condition as well as their prescriptions. Let them know if you are pregnant, breast-feeding or planning to get pregnant. Other co morbidities or current medications are also important to doctor’s decision making.

•Get the notification about the allergic reaction, side-effects or some kinds of problems from your doctors. There always have a manufacturer’s printed information leaflet from inside the pack that can help you get more information about the medicine and the way to utilize it, so you should read it carefully before getting down to treatment.

•After all, do exactly as what your doctor told you like the dose or route of administration. If you forget to use the cream, use it as soon as possible. If you forget until the following day, use the cream as normal for your next dose.

How to use vaginal cream?

•Applying vaginal cream is simple and easy. Six main steps are listed below.

•Cleanse your vagina. Wash your hands first then wash your vaginal area before applying the cream. Use cotton to dry it.

•Prepare the cream. Gently squeeze the tube to fill the applicator with the correct dosage. Do not screw the tube too tight after taking the proper number of cream because it will be harder to open it next time.

•Position your body. Stand up while putting one foot up on a platform. Make yourself comfort with your vaginal opening.

•Insert the applicator. Use one hand to separate the lips of your vulva while the another hand places the applicator into your vaginal opening. Then insert it gradually by pressing slowly the plunger completely.

•Dispose of the applicator. Remove and dispose it. If it is reusable applicator, you should wash and dry it.

How to store?

Keep medications in a sealed box, out of reach and sight of children.
Store at room temperature, dry place, avoid direct heat and light.
Notice: Keep your vaginal area clean and dry and practice safety sex is recommended to reduce the infected risk.

How to Maintain your Clip-in Hair Extensions

This can be applied to your clip-ins or if you use a weave hair extensions and I-Tips. I’ve been wearing hair extensions for probably the past eight years of my life. I thought I would share with you some of my tricks and tips to take care of them and keep them looking good.

How to Maintain your Clip-in Hair Extensions
Brush them Hair Extensions

The first thing I would suggest is always to brush out your extensions before you wear then after you wear them. At the end of the night, brush them out, and before you put them in brush them out. Brush, brush, brush! There’s this tangling brush by mane n tail which I really like, and I really highly suggest you invest in it, especially if you are wearing some fake hair.


A good idea is to shampoo those hair extensions, but only do it once a week so you can avoid shedding, or any other stuff. No matter what kind of hair extensions or braids you have, they will shed. I like to use the mane n tail, these are my people, the shampoo and conditioner I use it always theirs. I love this stuff so much. I think it just makes it feel really soft and it gets the same texture as your natural hair as to your extensions.

How to Maintain your Clip-in Hair Extensions
Secret Leave-In to Settle Hair Extensions

After this use the mane n tail and Daily Secret Leave-In which will settle the hair extensions. I know it may seem that I’m a mane n tail nerd which I kind of am, but this is the only product I use when styling my hair. I don’t even put any heat protector. I put this Daily Secret in when it’s damp and it’s just wonderful. It’s easy to brush through. It’s kind of nice when you are creating your extensions, like I said if you are cleaning them and when they’re out of your head or when they’re in your head, depending on how you have them attached.

After use, I highly suggest hanging up your hair especially with your clip-ins, that way you avoid de-tangling. If you don’t have normal hangers, you can lay them flat on a towel and cover them, just for extra safe-keeping.

There we go, that’s how I look after my clip in hair extensions and I suggest you do the same. Hair can be expensive so make sure you look after them well. Until next time ladies:P

Garcinia Cambogia Health Benefits for Women

The edible fruit referred to as Malabar tamarind has been used historically to treat rheumatism and epithelial duct complaints. The fruit extract is that is the working horse of its weight loss properties is hydroxycitric acid. This compound is known to inhibit fat production, particularly fat created from excess dietary calories as carbohydrates.

Women Weight-Loss Studies

Human clinical trials where done on women to find out the effectiveness of the Garcinia Cambogia fruit for its weight loss effectiveness. The study was done on November 11, 1998 and it successfully measured the results the supplement had in overweight women. The supplement increased weight loss by 33% compared to other women who were put on the placebo drug.

More about the Fruit

Garcinia Cambogia is a small tropical green fruit sound in South East Asia. The taste can be explained as sweet. The fruit also contains plenty of acids which help preserve the fruit. The edible part of the fruit has been used for hundreds of years to treat diseases by indigenous people and has even been used to be crushed into a cream to be used as ointment for skin disorders.


Garcinia Cambogia Safety Issues for Women

Combined with a healthy diet, Garcinia cambogia drastically helps the reduction in weight loss, particularly fat that was formed from carbs.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract Is Not Suitable for Women with:

  • Polygenic disease
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Pregnant ladies

Garcinia Cambogia might also adversely react with some prescription medications. So please make sure to consult with your doctor before trying the supplement.

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How to look younger with makeup

We try our best to look beautiful in every way we can. And the truth is to look beautiful, you need to young for sure. However, it is not in our hands to fight the aging sign, but we surely can take care of ourselves to delay the aging process. Once you have darkening spot, wrinkles around your eyes and face, there’s truly nothing you can do about them. So, the best way to still hold that youthful look of you is to use makeup correctly and the change is quite unbelievable. With some basic tricks and correct application of makeup products, you can bring a huge change in your whole look. Here are some of the tricks of makeup to look more youthful.

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Anti-Aging Cream

Detailing All the Pros and Cons of Cream

There was a time when the majority of women used simple “cold creams” that were pretty much made by the same companies and came with few, if any promises.

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Things to Know About Breast Enhancement Cream

Every woman enjoys the attention she gets for a big bust line that affects their lifestyle as well. However, only a little portion of them will agree to go under the knife to get them. So, it is quite natural that the number of user of breast enhancement creams increasing in a notable amount. Some of them are well-aware of the benefits and side-effects and choose smartly and some of them just blindly using some cream or pills not knowing what they can face in the long run. Here are some of the facts one should know before they start using breast enhancement cream.

Do not believe in advertising crap:

Since the demand of bigger boobs is getting high, manufacturer and marketers are taking advantage of this opportunity at its best and claiming to work like magic on women’s body. Some of the companies claim to increase boobs size within a couple of days with their natural herbs and hormones restricting ingredients. These are just some advertising nonsense that has no certification in the medical science.

Side-effects are far more than a little benefit:

Most of the breast enhancement creams contain chemical ingredients or some herbs that are unknown to nature. While one can be benefited by the regular massage around the bust line with these creams or taking herbal pills that contain vitamins that will do a little improvement in the health, numerous side-effects are accompanied by these cream, spray and pills. Dilation of the breast muscles by massaging with natural cream or providing hormone support to the breast tissues are some false claims. These companies tend to use more lethal ingredients like chemicals or organic components that are not only rejected by the body immune system, but also have a long-term affect on the body. They can rather increase the risk of breast cancer by altering the tissues of the breast. Some of the breast enhancement creams enhance the chance of swelling of the breast. Moreover, excessive massage may loosen your body muscle enough to have a reverse effect on the shape of your boobs.

Expert advice:

Most of the women are confused about the creams and searching for an expert solution. Here are some of the expert’s opinion about the breast enhancement cream:

-Even though some of the creams are completely natural products and use only natural herbs, but without proper research they cannot be declared as risk-free.

-No artificial hormone can be present in these breast enhancement creams.

-A cream that is functioning for the alteration of body tissues may have serious bad effect on the overall health.

-Some of the creams contain DHEA hormone that should be avoided by the users. Not only this hormone may result into swelling or redness, even in severe cases it may have connection to breast cancer. It is highly recommended avoiding these creams that use DHEA hormone in their product.

You may choose to look more attractive with available creams like night cream or day cream for facial massages or any other beauty products, but it is more important to stay safe and healthy. Some of the natural products are said to have some positive impact to increase the size of the breast and provide firmness. Whatever decision you may take, it should not pose any threat to your health.

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Best Natural Skin Care Cream

How can you really achieve that perfect and great-looking skin? Is skin aging something that you cannot control? How is it possible that some people your age seem to look younger than you? Have they been using the best natural skin care cream and other anti-aging products that you might not be aware of? Perhaps you may have been asking yourself these questions each time you look at the mirror where you can’t help but notice how your skin, particularly your face, has gradually lost its natural glow day after day.

1. Avoid too much exposure from the sun. Overexposure from the heat of the sun can cause a lot of damage to the skin. Do not go out without sun protection. Use organic or natural substances if you do (e.g., sunscreen, umbrella, hat, etc.).

2. Take care of your expression lines. Expression lines can cause the skin to wrinkle. Don’t do exercises that make use of expression lines unless you want to deal with wrinkles earlier.

3. Avoid sleeping habits that cause you to have sleep lines. Don’t make it a habit to sleep on your side or with your hand on your face all the time. You can avoid sleep lines when you lie on your back most of the time. Use a cream at night if needed.

4. Change your lifestyle. Get enough and sufficient sleep and drink lots of water; and if you have been smoking, stop it as early as you can. A smoker’s face will look pretty awful and you will look older than you really are.

5. Use only natural products to take care of your skin. This is also just as important as avoiding all the things that harm and damage the skin. You would need to moisturize daily in order to prevent dry skin that will cause your skin to be flaky or itchy. You may want to use the best skin creams that use only natural ingredients that should be perfect as skin care regimen.

Indeed, aging is a natural process each one of us has to undergo. Depending on how you nourish and take care of your skin, aging can either be a slow or fast process. You would really hope to be putting on a great-looking skin by delaying or fighting back the signs of skin aging. Use only the best natural skin care cream available for you to help address skin aging.

It is easy to know if you are using only the best natural skin care cream for your skin. What you should be looking for are natural products that can help in fighting off skin aging by promoting the production of collagen and elastin, such as: Xtend-TK, Phytessence Wakame and Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10. These natural ingredients may sound a bit weird to you but if you do your homework and do your research, you will realize that these are natural collagen and elastin stimulants – the essential ingredients you need to help you achieve younger-looking skin.

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Role of Breast Enhancement Creams or Pills

Women do love to look sexy and attractive. Large and firm bust line is that one important indication, not only to the beauty of a woman but also to enhance the femininity of women. There are so many ways of enlarging breasts of which most effective one is breast implant. However, many women are just too afraid of going under knife that they choose the alternate ways. Natural breast enhancements are more popular in women, but less effective than surgery. Though some creams and pills claim to prove their fast and effective impact on making the bust line more firms and enlarge, make sure to use only those with natural ingredients or one may have bad effects on the body too.

Breast enhancement creams and pills are generally used as a supplementary stimulation to the mammary glands. They are intended to develop the two main hormones, estrogen and progesterone, which actually work to develop breasts. There are so many products on the market that has an eye-charming advertisement of growing bigger breasts within days that are actually just an eye-wash. Natural ingredients work slowly on your body and it may take couple of months to get a change in firmness or size. Your rush can actually ruin the whole thing or may cause harm to your health.

Breast enhancement cream or spray or pills though are not all approved, but the matter is that women are all unique and has a different body that works in different manner. Some products show results for some when they use the right products with proprietary formula in a right way. The ingredients generally used in these creams (Pueraria Mirifica Extract, Dong Quai extract and Fenugreek extract) are completely natural and without any side-effects. You can simply message the cream or apply the spray around the chest areas and message your breast in a clockwise and then anti-clockwise manner gently. The creams are supposed to penetrate your skin safely and get absorbed by the skin to your bloodstream. Messaging will stimulate the circulation of blood around your muscles of shoulder and breast resulting in an increase firmness of your breasts and get them into shape. Pills are supplementary nutrients to intake so to develop your system from inside. Using both cream and pills at the same time can help a lot.

Try using the formula in a regular manner with a beauty routine. After coming from parties or work, remove your makeup, get freshen up or consider using a facial mask to improve your skin and you won’t forget your bust lines. Don’t hesitate using this everyday just like any day cream or night cream if you want a better result. A healthy lifestyle can do wonders even with your breasts. You may have noticed smaller breasts usually common for an unhealthy and sick body. So, if you have decided to bring some improvements in your most attractive part, learn to take care of your own body first.

Use of Breast Enhancement Creams or natural ways are getting popularity and some ingredients are actually being used from centuries for any hormonal problems related to menstrual or growth factors. Find out the best ways for you, maintain them, but upon all, stay healthy, only that matters.

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It is very common for women these days to get breast enhancements and there are many ways to help them do that. There exist a number of creams and pills that are natural and have helped them achieve their goal. Women who prefer fuller, sturdy and erotic breasts are choosing to use breast enhancing creams and pills other than going under the knife.

Different women get breast enlargements for different reasons. Majority do it because of lifestyle reasons, not being content with their sizes. Silicone breast implants mostly end up looking unnatural and not many women would want to look like that. Breast implants are costly and also hard to maintain. Moreover, they also bring about health issues and end up bursting in case of a severe amount of pressure being applied on them, despite the rigorous process one goes through to get them. Rupture or deflation occurs in a significant percentage of silicone gel or saline implants. Stiffening of the scar tissue is also a probable cause of pain and rock-hard out of shape breasts. It is also a major risk for surgical implants. In order to avoid all these, the best way is to use natural methods of enlarging breasts.

First, let’s talk about enhancement creams. Natural enhancement creams use herbs such as Mexican Wild Yams, Dong Quai, Kava Kava , Saw Palmetto, Pueraria Mirifica, Blessed Thistle, Oat Fibre, Motherwort, and other ingredients that are similar to estrogen. These herbs are known to balance hormones as well as promote breast size and firmness, mostly by stimulating new cell growth in the mammary glands. These ingredients cause the body to react the way it would during puberty or pregnancy ultimately generating renewed glandular tissue growth and hence giving you bigger breasts. A product with these ingredients will definitely help with breast growth without causing your hormones to spiral out of control.

Breast enhancement pills also contain the different herbal ingredients mentioned above. Unfortunately, most of them are made out of substandard products. Other than the fact that they work in the same way as creams, that is; they make the body think that one is pregnant hence enlarging mammary glands. The enlargement however, may be due to side effects from the pills. Some pills may suppress the breasts tissue growth in some women making their breasts smaller instead of larger. In addition, these herbs, if taken orally and mixed with other drugs like blood thinning medication can have fatal side effects to the user.

Doing exercises and maintaining a non-slouched posture to develop chest muscles are the healthiest and safest ways for breast enhancement appearance. A doctor should be the first person to consult on the safest ways to enhance your breast in which case, they would suggest implants. But as we have seen, implants also have negative side effects on the body.

The best breast enhancer you can have is being comfortable under your own skin and not hiding under a mask of well-made implants. Self esteem is all one needs to prosper and look as sexy as one feels about themselves. What you feel inside reflects on the outside as well.